Students registration required documents

The necessary documents for preparing the application file for an Erasmus + scholarship must include:

  • 1. Curriculum Vitae written in foreign language (with photo)

  • 2. Letter of Motivation written in foreign language (1 page)

  • 3. Certificate of knowledge for the foreign language issued by authorized specialized institutions (optional)

  • 4. Letter of recommendation from a teacher

  • 5. Photocopies of the professional attestations obtained by the candidate considered useful in supporting the application (optional)

  • 6. Transcript (Secretary of the Faculty)

  • 7. Identity Card (Copy)

  • 8. Health card or medical insurance (Copy)

ERASMUS students can not benefit from other grants or allocations of any kind through the European Commission programs for the period covered by the contract.

Fellows can not use different sources of funding to cover the same type of eligible expenditure (eg they can not cover the cost of the ticket from two different sources of funding).