Information on the eligibility criteria in order to be able to benefit from learning mobility or practice

They can enroll in the selection: students enrolled at the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti who have Romanian citizenship or are citizens of other European Union or non-EU countries; students from the 1st to 2nd-3rd and 4th grade, I-II master; the total length of traineeships under the Erasmus + program should not exceed 12 months / study cycle;



  • Students selected for an Erasmus + internship will be able to participate in a new selection before completing it and will have conditionally selected status. These students will become titular only after the completion of the first stage, which will include the submission of all required documents, the final language test and the completion of the evaluation questionnaire;
  • for students in the last year of study, the selections must take place no later than the date of the end of the evaluation / examination session in the second semester of the year.
  • A student can benefit from study and practice internships at each level of study (bachelor and master), totaling a maximum of 12 months of study (study + practice) per level.

Internships will end by September 30 of the academic year in progress.


I can not participate in the selection:


  • students benefiting from scholarships through other European funding programs (eg POSDRU) to avoid double funding for the same journey;
  • students enrolled in other higher education institutions (whether state or private) or research and not enrolled at Ploiesti UPG;



Academic eligibility criteria


In order to be eligible for an Erasmus + internship, students must:


  • not have arrears until the last session inclusive;

students in the first year, the first semester must have an admission / study average up to the time of selection (before the first exam session) of at least 8;

  • have a multi-annual average of at least 7.5;
  • to attest the knowledge of the working language from the institution they are applying for, either through a certificate or through the high school matriculation sheet, as follows:
  • the minimum score / minimum score (minimum level B1) must be equal to 80% of the maximum mark or score (eg score 8/10, 16/20 or good, for qualifiers). Exceptions are made by internationally recognized certificates (DELF, DALF, Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, DELE, Goethe), obtained for a minimum level B1 for which any score is accepted;
  • for students who have the working language of the partner institution as a specialization in university studies, in which case the language knowledge will be certified by the enrollment sheet;
  • to get at least 7 at the interview held in college selection.